7 Money Saving Tips For The Best Online Shopping Deals

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7 Ways to Score the Best Deals Online


So you’ve got an event coming up and you need a gift. Naturally, the first thing you might do is turn to your computer and jump on the Internet.


Shopping online is not only easier than going to the mall, but you have a lot more options and you’ll know that you’re getting a better deal.


Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a friend’s birthday, there’s always so many options available online. Even if you’re not buying a gift, you likely shop online for yourself now and then.


But how do you know you’re actually getting a good deal? Sure, you could shop around and compare prices all day long, but that will just waste time.


Instead, take advantage of these 7 tips and maximise your savings online. Why pay more when you could be saving money?



1. Don’t Fall For The Temptations of Free Shipping


Some websites will offer free shipping when you purchase a certain amount of items. And for many of us, this temptation is overwhelming as we rush to find things to fill our cart and hit that target mark.


But this isn’t always a better deal. Sometimes you actually end up spending more money than you originally planned, because paying shipping costs for the one item you actually went there to buy would have just been cheaper.


If you’re only shopping for one item, see what the shipping costs could be for that item alone before you start stuffing your cart with items you don’t actually want or need.



2. Abandon Your Virtual Shopping Cart


Much like some people abandon real shopping carts in the grocery store parking lot, abandon yours in cyberspace. While you’re shopping, add the items you want to your cart, and then close your browser. Don’t return for a few days.


Why? Because this shows the company that you’re contemplating those items, and that inspires them to send you a deal or a coupon.



3. Use The Power of Social Media


There are tons of social media personas out there who spend their time searching the Internet for deals. Then, they tweet them or post them on Facebook to share with others.


Follow some of these people on their social media accounts and pay attention to the deals they post.


If you want, you can create a separate Twitter account specifically to follow those people so they don’t fill up your personal news feed. Just don’t forget to check it!



4. Sign Up For Store Newsletters


Signing up for a newsletter can score you some great deals and printable coupons. Stores will send you all kinds of goodies to your email, and most of the time these deals are only for subscribers, so make sure you don’t miss out on them.


The newsletters will also notify you if there’s an upcoming sale that you might have otherwise missed out on, which is great to know if you’ve been eyeing something particular.



5. Buy Clothes in the Off-Season


You can’t predict what’s going to be trendy a few months from now. But some wardrobe staples are timeless and always necessary, like winter coats or bathing suits.


If you buy clothes in the off-season, prices are cheaper because stores are clearing out last season’s inventory. Consider if there’s anything you’ll need next winter and grab it when those April showers start.


For example, if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift, and your mom needs a new winter coat, get her one. She won’t be able to use it right away, but it’s something she needs, and it’ll be cheaper to buy in the spring.



6. Beware of Cookies


We’re not talking about Internet cookies, not the delicious chocolate chip kind. Unfortunately, you can’t eat Internet cookies, but they can affect your online shopping experience.


When you look at items online, websites leave cookies on your browser that tell the company what you were looking for. That means that the next time you look at those items, they could cost more because they know you’re already interested in them.


Make sure you clear your browser and cache while you’re searching for items. Shopping in an Incognito tab on Google Chrome can also help with this.


If you want, you can just clear cookies for specific websites so you won’t lose any saved passwords or auto-fill features, and you’ll keep finding the best deals.



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