Don't Let Spring Decor Break Your Budget With These 11 DIY Ideas

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11 Fresh DIY Home Decor Projects for Spring


Spring isn’t just about cleaning. It’s about a fresh, new outlook on a new season.


Making some small decor changes is a great way to step into spring with a clear mind. But buying a bunch of new decorations isn’t really an option when you’re trying to stick to a budget.


Don’t worry! You can use inexpensive dollar store items to create some really beautiful, fun spring decorations that are easy to make and will give your home a facelift.


Here are some really creative DIY projects you can do that will give you some new spring decor inspiration without breaking the bank.


1. An Umbrella Wreath


This umbrella wreath makes any door look festive and inspiring for spring, and you can hang it wherever you’d like- in your dorm, apartment, or even your bedroom door.


Get the tutorial here. While this one uses real flowers, you can easily substitute fake ones from the dollar store for an extremely low-maintenance decoration.


2. Teacup Gardens


These teacup garden ideas are so perfect for spring, and the plants will help reduce stress levels so you can breathe easy.


They are extremely customizable. You can use any mug you want, with whatever plants you prefer, and whatever coloured pebbles you desire.


Best of all, they make great gifts, too!



3. The Painted Flower Pot


You might remember painting flower pots when you were a kid, most likely in elementary school. Now, you can update this classic craft as an adult and add that colourful touch to your home.


Flower pots are inexpensive, and you can use them over and over again. Here’s a cool tutorial you can check out if you need more design inspiration.


4. Painted Flower Pine Cones in a Frame


Want to add more colour to your home? Then check out this painted pine cone craft from Crafty Morning.


Pine cones are painted to look like colourful flowers and attached in a frame. This craft is super easy, and the best part is that pine cones are free if you can find them outside!



5. A Crafty Update For Your Shoes


Take last year’s flats and turn them into something a little different by adding a ribbon or a bow, or another embellishment of your choice. You can also do this with flip flops for a new twist.


You’ll feel like you have a brand new pair of shoes- without the price tag!


6. A Glass Vase of Branches


Branches are super rustic-chic, and they look beautiful in a glass vase. With branches, you have tons of options. You can glue items to the branches, like candy, pom poms, or beads, or you can keep it simple with flowered branches.


Turn an old glass jar or bottle into a vase by simply taking the label off and sanitizing it. Follow these instructions if you’re not sure.



7. Mason Jar Utensil Holders


Sick of your utensils being cluttered in a drawer? Time to do some spring reorganizing with these painted mason jar utensil holders.


Mason jars are super trendy, and they’re leading the rustic decoration game, so these utensil holders will be perfect for your spring style.


8. Easter Bunny Treat Jars


You can also use those mason jars to create Easter themed decorations using paint and stencils. These jars are so cute, you’ll want to leave them out even when Easter is over.


Here’s how to do it. They make great gifts if you host an Easter celebration or gathering as well.



9. Chalkboard Signs


These DIY hanging chalkboard signs are a great way to spruce up a party or a room, and they provide endless customization options for you.


It’ll require a little bit of drilling, but they look awesome and are super versatile because you can change the message however often you want.


10. A Rock Cactus


This is probably the cutest cactus ever. And it’s not even alive.


Make your own cactus from painted rocks and decorate a planter for it. All you need is paint, some rocks, a flower pot, and some pebbles.


You could even use the painted planter from #3. Here’s the original craft so you can see what it looks like.



11. Ladybug Bottle Cap Magnets


Sick of staring at your boring white fridge? Make these adorable ladybug bottle cap magnets. They’re perfect for sprucing up the kitchen.


Now you’ll want to hang everything on your fridge so you can use these little critters!


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