How To: Make (and Save) Some Money at School

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Let’s get this out of the way upfront; Post-secondary education is expensive. There are no two ways about it. The average university tuition cost across the country is $6373 each semester. Then there are housing costs, textbook costs, food, phone, recreation, travel and transportation costs…the list goes on, and on. The average Canadian student can expect to finish an undergrad program approximately $27, 000 in debt. 

While the increasing costs associated with the pursuit of higher education are often discussed and debated (especially as students across the country start a new semester) one thing that often gets overlooked is the opportunity to make money while in school. Academic demands often make it difficult, if not near-impossible, to find adequate part time employment opportunities throughout the school year. 

Below are our Top 5 Super Saving Student Side Hustles to (Hopefully) Help Secure You Some Sweet Scrilla for the School Semester. 

1. The Direct Route: On-Campus Employment Opportunities

One of the best and easiest ways to make money during the school year is to work on campus. These jobs generally have really flexible hours which allows you to make some money and stay on top of your academic workload at the same time. Although the pay isn’t always amazing, working steps from your residence or classroom obviously has its advantages. Working on campus also gives you the opportunity to meet students in different programs, make new friends, and gets involved on campus. 

2. Become on On-Campus Brand Ambassador

Plenty of products, brands, and even apps are looking to get in to that sweet and lucrative university market. One of the coolest (if occasionally embarrassing) jobs on campus is to be a brand ambassador. Companies like Mosaic are always looking for fresh young faces to hawk the latest and greatest in consumer goods and experiences, from MasterCard’s to Maserati’s (not Maserati’s). Being an On-Campus Brand ambassador can be pretty sweet. The pay is usually pretty good (with some opportunities offering hourly and commission rates), the hours are generally flexible enough, and it’s a great excuse to talk to that cutie from Political Theory 101 when you see them in the hallway.

3. If You’re Good 
at Something, Never Do it for Free: Tutoring/Coaching/Teaching


Did you waltz through that Chemistry course in first year? Do you play a mean trombone? Are you a Photoshop Wizard? While the Uber-inspired sharing economy has ushered in a new economic model based on crowdsourcing everything from cars to apartments, tutoring is a tried and tested way to make a few extra bucks in between classes. If you’ve got the skills, put them to the test. Good tutors can justify charging a great hourly rate, while teaching piano, trombone, Photoshop, crocheting, or whatever you’re good at can also net you some sweet side-hustle cash. Use Kijiji or that Undergraduate Class of 2019 Facebook page to let people know your services are available!  

4.  The #2017 Flip Challenge

Gary Vaynerchuk is an interesting character. His #2017 Flip Challenge was a great perspective-shifting concept: re-evaluate the time you waste scrolling through Facebook, playing Overwatch, or nursing a hangover from 80’s Night at the campus pub and start flipping stuff you have around the house.

Granted, this can be a little complicated in a student house when you’re (potentially) eating every meal out of the same bowl from September to April, but we’ve all got stuff lying around the house that someone else will find a new use for. With a little time and effort reinvested, you can make some great extra money buying and reselling stuff on Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay throughout the school year. 

5. Learning to Live with a Little Less

Alright, so this one isn’t really a side hustle opportunity. Nevertheless, Super Saving always requires making a sacrifice sometime or somewhere. What luxuries can you do without? Almost EVERY university and college across the country provides its students with a transit pass as part of entrance fees. Do you really need a car throughout the school year? One of the best parts of pursuing higher education is the social aspect of going to school, yet socializing can often have a high price tag. Take advantage of free events on campus and cheap nights at the local watering hole to save a little more!

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