Make Easter Easy With These Budget-Friendly Ideas

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9 Ways to Host a Family Gathering on a Budget


Spring has sprung, and with Easter right around the corner, you’re likely to get roped into hosting a family event in the near future.


Easter is an exciting time because it helps us break out of our winter funk. Flowers are about to bloom, and we’re finally able to put our winter coats away.


But before you start cutting into your yearly budget for pastel-coloured decorations and store-bought Easter eggs, consider some of these ways you can save money while rocking your Easter dinner.


You don’t need to break the bank to entertain your family this year. Try out some of these tips and ideas and your family will have a great time without putting you into debt.



1. Make it a Potluck


Have each family member bring a dish or a treat to help save costs. Everyone loves a good potluck, and it’s fun to see what each person will come up with.


Organize it so that you have a certain amount of people bringing appetizers, dinner, and dessert, so you don’t get stuck with 5 desserts and 1 entree.


2. Do Your Own Egg Decorating and Hunting


For fun Easter activities, all you need to do is buy eggs. To make cheap Easter egg decorating dye, just mix 1 tablespoon of food colouring with 2 teaspoons of vinegar.


If you want to give them a fun Easter egg hunt, buy candy from the dollar store, which won’t run you very much money, and some plastic eggs. Ask some of your relatives if they have any plastic eggs laying around from previous Easters that you can borrow.



3. Make Inexpensive Easter Baskets


Here are some tips for making inexpensive Easter baskets for the kiddos to give them even more to look forward to.


However, adults love getting Easter baskets just as much as the kids! Just swap out some of the items for more adult-friendly ones.



4. Stick to Classic Easter Dinner Staples


Easter dinner generally includes ham and potatoes, two relatively inexpensive food items.


Quiche is also another great budget-friendly dinner that fits in with Easter. It’s also a great make-ahead meal to help you cut down on prep time.


There are some other great ideas here, courtesy of Good Cheap Eats.



5. Make DIY Decorations


Like any holiday party, no one wants to drop a lot of money on decorations that are only going to be used once. Make your own DIY decorations using simple items you have around the house, like pipe cleaners, construction paper, and glue.


Check Pinterest for more inspiration and ideas for your Easter decorations.



6. Create a Signature Easter Cocktail


Who said kids get to have all the fun on Easter? Provide something the adults will love by whipping up an Easter-themed cocktail or two. If you can, use what you have in your fridge before you buy more alcohol.



7. Run a Game of Easter Trivia


It’s free to play trivia, especially when you can look up questions and answers with the help of the Internet. Just Google search some cool facts, print them out and have some fun with your guests.


For the kids, print out some free colouring pages so they’re entertained while the adults put their knowledge to the test.


8. Keep Dinner Leftovers


Keep leftovers for your meals for the next few days. Easter staples, like potatoes and ham, are extremely versatile and can be made into tons of great meals.


It’s also a good idea to make some extras while you’re cooking Easter dinner so you can savour the flavors throughout the week. Your lunches will already be done and paid for.



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