Mother's Day on a Budget: Amazing Gifts Under $50 Your Mom Will Love

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Best Mother's day gifts on a budget.

15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is coming up! Have you gotten something for the special mother figure in your life yet?


Sometimes it can be tricky to find an original Mother’s Day gift that won’t scream “I got this at the last minute on my way over!” But it’s not impossible to find something she’ll love at the price you can afford.


Your mom doesn’t want you to break your budget on her, but you should show her how much you appreciate her with something nice that suits her personality or lifestyle. That’s what we’re here for!


Here are our favourite Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love that won’t break your budget. Each item is under $50 and ready to impress.


1. Wine Accessory Gift Set


If your mom loves wine, get her the gift she can use over and over again. A wine accessory gift set has everything she needs, from a corkscrew to a bottle stopper, to enjoy every bottle thoroughly.


This one sold on is $24.95 and comes in a cool bottle-shaped container to hold all of the items, but you can also find them in many houseware stores.


Best Mother's day gifts on a budget.


2. Self-Watering Herb Jar


For the crafty mom who loves gardening or sustainability, this self-watering herb jar is the perfect gift. For $35.00, you can give your mom the ease of growing fresh herbs in her kitchen, even if she doesn’t have a green thumb.


3. That New Book She Wants


Encourage her to take time for herself by getting her a new book she wants to read. If you can’t think of a specific book, Book Outlet offers tons of suggestions and new releases to give you some great ideas.


Right now, when you sign up to the Book Outlet’s newsletter through Caddle’s offer, you can get $5.00 off your next purchase. Just in time to make your order!


Best Mother's day gifts on a budget.


4. Colour Changing Bluetooth Speaker


Is your mom into technology and staying on top of the electronic trends? Get her something that embraces her interests and tech savvy skills.


This colour changing bluetooth speaker is $44.99 and perfect for the techie mom in your life, or the mom who just loves to listen to her tunes wherever she wants.


5. Mud and Salt Gift Set


If you want to give your mom something she can pamper herself with, this natural gift set is made from mud and salt from the Dead Sea. It’s perfect for making her feel luxurious, and fits in the budget at $32.00.


6. Beginner Yoga Set


This Everlast beginner yoga set is available for $39.97 and is perfect for the busy mom in your life who could use a little zen. It’s also a great idea if your mom is into fitness and looking for new activities to try.


Best Mother's day gifts on a budget.


7. Post it Note Pop-up Frame


If your mom is a hardworking businesswoman who seems to have a packed schedule, get her this sentimental post-it note frame stand. She can use it in her office and she’ll get to admire the picture in the frame every time she needs a sticky note.


It’s available for $18.99, but the memories are priceless.


8. Glass Infuser Teapot


This glass teapot, available at The Bay for $44.99, is a luxurious teapot all tea lovers will appreciate. It comes with an infuser for loose leaf tea, so she has plenty of options to soothe her soul.


Best Mother's day gifts on a budget.


9. Organic Ice Cream Swaddle


Do you have a new mom in your life who’s celebrating her first Mother’s Day? This organic, adorable ice cream swaddle is perfect to show her your love and support. It’s $38.96 and made from natural materials to help keep baby safe.


10. Bamboo Lazy Susan


If your mom loves entertaining and hosting dinners, this bamboo lazy susan is a perfect gift to help her keep her party A-game. For just $14.73, you can help make her dinner parties, or family dinners, easier.


11. Floral Recipe Tin


This old-fashioned recipe tin can bring her back to memories of her childhood, watching her mom use a recipe tin to hold the keys to classic family dishes. Available for $38.00, it will look beautiful on her counter and she can hand it down through the family if she wants.


Best Mother's day gifts on a budget.


12. Fringe Knitted Scarf


If your mom is a fashionista, this knitted scarf is perfect to help her put together her trendy look. It’s $19.99 and comes in three different colours to choose from, so you can pick according to her taste.


13. Potted Plant With Loving Message


This adorable little potted plant says “you are so loved,” which will remind your mom of all of the loved ones in her life. For $17.11, you can give her happiness every time she waters her plant.


Best Mother's day gifts on a budget.


14. Nail Cuticle Gift Set


Moms who work hard need to pamper hard, too. Help her give her nails the care they need with a much needed cuticle care set. This gift set is $48.00, but the items included are an $80.00 value, so you’re really giving her double the value.


15. Pineapple Bangle Bracelet


For the mom who would rather be on the beach, give her one of these fun pineapple bangle bracelets. She can bring the fun of being in the sun anywhere she goes. They come in gold or silver, and cost $24.00.


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