Prep Your Yard for Summer With These Easy Yard Cleanup Tips

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Spring yard cleanup tips.

7 Spring Yard Cleanup Tips You Don’t Need a Green Thumb For


The warmer months are finally here, and soon enough you’ll be having backyard barbecues with your friends and family in the sunny weather. That means it’s time to do some spring cleaning on your yard.


Follow these simple Spring yard cleanup tips to get your yard in shape for summer fun. It’s your ultimate yard maintenance checklist to make sure you get the most out of your summer.


You don’t need to be a gardener or have a green thumb to get your yard ready. There are just a few simple things that are necessary to keep your space fresh, and when you’re done, you’ll forget that winter was ever even here.



1. Start With an Idea


The first thing you need to do is get a general sense of your backyard plans.


For example, are you planning on starting or updating a garden? If so, you’ll need to get your seeds and plants prepared and do some extra research on when you need to begin the process.


Nature is beautiful, but it can be unpredictable. Be prepared and have a plan.



2. Collect the Garbage and Debris


The first course of action you need to take is to get out there with a garbage bag and collect all of the mess that’s piled up from the winter. Clear out the garbage, debris, and leftover items from the winter and throw them away.


Leaving these items out can encourage critters and bugs to make nests in your backyard. If you let that happen, you’re looking at a harder task in the future.



3. Raking Isn’t Just for the Fall


It doesn’t hurt to run a rake through your grass. Raking actually serves more purpose than just clearing away leaves- it’s actually great for the grass.


Just like brushing your hair, your grass should be groomed regularly. This helps to aerate it, clearing out any possible fungus and keeping the soil warm.


4. Check it Before You Trim it


Trimming away excess branches is a must-do to help the growth of shrubbery, plants, and trees. This helps the plant shed its winter layers and get back to basking in the sun’s glow. It will also help to direct the plant to grow in the right direction.


However, before you start going to town on certain bushes and plants, do a double check first to see when they bloom. If the plant is set to bloom very soon, you should avoid cutting it back.



5. Do Some Soil Research


Another thing that some people don’t think to do is to check your soil pH levels.


Why would anyone want to do this? Well, knowing your soil’s pH levels can help you determine how much care it needs, so you can avoid overwatering. It’s also essential for gardening because it’ll help you understand how to take care of your plants properly.


For those who hate gardening and lawn work in general, testing your soil could help you see if there are any excess chores you’ve been doing that weren’t necessary the whole time. Less work for more summer fun? We’ll take that!


To test your soil, you can either purchase a soil testing kit online or from a hardware store, or you can look up any agriculture laboratories in your area.



6. Wash and Dry Any Lawn Furniture


This is the spring cleanup task many of us hate: dragging out your dusty lawn chairs and washing them down. Many like to postpone this chore until the first summer barbeque begins.


However, it’s important to do this now so you can get your furniture ready to go as early as possible. The longer you leave debris and dirt on those chairs, the sooner they’ll rust or become damaged.


It’s also a good idea to dry out your equipment before you start your spring backyard cleanup. This will ensure that your tools haven’t gone rusty or collected mold throughout the winter.



7. Inspire Your Grass to Grow


After the winter, your grass might need a little bit of help to get back to its fresh, healthy self. The better it feels, the better it looks, and the less maintenance you’ll have to do in the future.


You might need to apply some fertilizer to your grass to give it the boost it needs. This will help to keep out weeds and other damaging items that can kill grass.


Check for coupons and deals at your local hardware store to see about some savings.



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