Spring Clean Your Mind & Your House

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“Spring” and “cleaning” usually deliver different thoughts into the average person’s mind; spring is exciting and appealing while cleaning is quite the opposite. If you put the two together you get a bit of both; not anxious to clean, yet you know you will be glad when and if you do. There are a lot of tips out there on how to spring clean, but the real question is why should people spring clean?

Spring is seen as a time for new beginnings, the cold winter has finally passed for another year and people are finally able to leave their homes without worrying about layering on jackets and scarves, and of course leaving for work twenty minutes early so they can scrape off the car first. In spring people as well as nature come alive again. This means this is a good change to redecorate and get rid of all of last year’s useless items taking up too much space in the house, or to finally clean the dirt that has been building up around the home over the past few months. It does not take long for houses to get dirty, one hectic day and things are everywhere.

Step One: Declutter your mind.

As spring is a new season and brings new emotions and new beginnings, it is not only important to clean around your house, but also your mind. Clearing your mind is the first step before even starting to clean up around a home. Take a day to sort out your thoughts, write them down or talk to someone about everything that has been bothering you. Make a nice meal, go for a short walk, or even doodle in a notebook. Take a day to yourself to separate what happened yesterday from today. Remember that anything that has happened to this point cannot be changed. Go into this new season with your head up.


Step Two: Declutter your home.

Once you have done this you may begin to clean around the house. Put the things that really matter in storage or neatly visible for those to see, and scrub behind every appliance in the kitchen or bathroom. Once you have cleaned your mind as well as your home, you will go into this season feeling better than you ever have before.

Step Three: Learn to let go.

Getting rid of items while cleaning up around the house can also be a difficult task for some people. Extra items make a large impact on how clean an area looks as clutter causes even the cleanest rooms look messy. It is easy to think you may need something in the future, when realistically it will never be used again. Or, you may have an emotional attachment or memory with an old item that will not let you get rid of it. This is yet another game of the mind. Think realistically. If you find food at the back of the cupboard that still hasn’t been eaten but it is still technically “good,” don’t worry about the money and just get rid of it. Chances are that if someone really wanted it, it would have been eaten a long time ago. When it comes to clothes, if you have not warn it in the past month, what makes you think you will wear it again? Will you even notice that it’s gone? Ask yourself these questions, if “no” even crosses your mind, get rid of it. Save space for the things you love and get more use out of them. It is hard to find a nice outfit when your closest is filled with old clothing. You’ll be surprised how much these small differences make when cleaning up and how much better you’ll feel after.



Spring cleaning may not always sound like a fun task to accomplish, it can be difficult and time consuming. However, in the long run it has a positive effect on your life and your mentality. Get excited about the new season and go for it, you will be thankful you did once you are complete.


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