Spring Cleaning on a Budget: 13 Ways to Save on Cleaning Supplies

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13 Spring Cleaning Tips on a Budget


Cleaning isn’t high on anyone’s list of favourite things to do. In fact, we can think of a ton of things we’d rather be doing.


But spring is here, and that means warmer weather and fresh, new inspiration. It’s time to clean out your closet, tidy the house, and shed the winter blues.


As if you didn’t already want to avoid doing this, cleaning products can be expensive if you don’t already have some on hand. That’s why we’ve sourced some useful hacks you can use to save money on your spring cleaning.


Check out these innovative ways to keep your home spotless and your budget on track.


1. Clean Your Taps and Faucets With a Lemon


All you have to do is cut the lemon in half and rub it on your faucets to get rid of the water stains. This works for other types of stains and surfaces as well.



2. Use an Egg Carton to Keep Your Fridge Clean


Everyone hates those pesky stains from condiment bottles, so cut an egg carton in half and keep your condiment bottles upside down in it. It doesn’t work with all bottles, but it’ll work with condiments like mayonnaise and mustard.


3. Recycle Your Dryer Sheets


Used dryer sheets can actually be used to clean delicate surfaces, like your TV screen or computer monitor. They have tons of other uses, too, like dusting and cleaning up powdery messes, like flour.


4. Feeling Crafty? Make Your Own Cleaner


You only need 3 ingredients to make a DIY household cleaner, and you more than likely have at least 2 of them in your home. All it takes is water, vinegar, and bleach to create an inexpensive, natural cleaning product that you can use on almost any surface.



5. Speaking of Vinegar, Use it to Clean Your Microwave


No one likes cleaning out the microwave, but it has to be done. Luckily, vinegar is the king of natural clean.


So just mix ½ cup of distilled white vinegar with equal parts water, put it in a microwavable bowl inside the microwave, and bring it to a boil. This loosens any stains or food residue so you can easily wipe it out.


6. Use an Old Shirt for a Rag


Paper towels are expensive and can cut into your budget. So instead, turn an old shirt into a rag and clean with that. Just make sure the shirt isn’t already dirty!


7. Sell Your Gently Used Items


Spring cleaning is all about making changes. Go through your closet, and if there’s anything you haven’t worn within the last two years, sell it. This way, you can make some extra cash and clean out space.


8. Rearrange Your Furniture


Sometimes all you really need is a re-organization to feel fresh and updated. Rearranging your furniture is free, and it’ll give you those new spring vibes you’ve been looking for. As a bonus, you could find something you’ve lost under your couch.



9. Choose Generic Brands


If you do need to buy some cleaning products, opt for the generic brands instead of the big name ones. They’re usually just as good and won’t cost you as much.


10. Buy Items on Sale Throughout the Year


Waiting until you need something can sometimes cost you more when you could have bought it on sale. Sure, you might not need drain cleaner now, but you will down the line, so grab items when you see them on sale.


This time of year is also popular for sales on cleaning items, so keep an eye out when you’re grocery shopping.


11. Rent or Borrow Equipment


If you need a specific piece of machinery, like a carpet cleaner, you don’t need to buy one. Ask around and see if any friends or family have one you can borrow. If not, there are plenty of places that will rent you one for less money.


12. Repurpose Old Items


DIY crafts and decorations are super trendy right now, so why not try your hand at recycling and repurposing some of your old, used items? For example, here is a list of at least 50 ways you can turn tin cans into beautiful new things.


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