Upgrade Your Travel Plans While Staying On Budget

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There are many different ways to save money when planning your next vacation. No matter the destination, there are thousands of resources available which can be used to plan the perfect budget-conscious getaway. Not only are you able to find deals that will save money on the logistics of planning a trip, there are a variety of tips and tricks that will help to upgrade your vacation! Remeber, travelling luxuriously doesn’t always have to break your budget. Follow these 5 Steps to save on your next trip! 

Step 1

The first thing to do when looking to plan a trip is to join a travel membership program. Collecting points that can be used towards your travel needs will help you save money on things like rental cars, cruises, hotels and even restaurants. Joining loyalty programs with airlines and hotels you want to visit is another great way to save money on your vacation.

Step 2

Use websites and smartphone apps as a tool to help you save money. There are really great apps that have been created specifically to help you stay on track with your budget while travelling the world. Apps like Sky Scanner pull up the cheapest deals on flights to wherever you want to go and allow you to choose the best route for your money.

Step 3

Opting for a layover flight instead of a direct flight is another tip to save money when doing air travel and another way to upgrade your travel experience for less. Same day-travel upgrade is your best bet to be bumped to first class when on a budget. Be sure to ask your check in-agent for any low-fee upgrades available to you. When taking a layover flight ask for a free travel upgrade on your connecting flight—layovers provide better chances to get into first class.


Step 4

Join an Air-Club Membership just for a day! Instead of paying hefty year-round fees, ask to join the club for just a day while you wait to take off to your vacation destination. Day passes usually range from $60-80 which gives you access to snacks, shower suites and travel assistance. Opting for a day membership curbs the impulse to shop around the airport during your wait time, and also gives you a feel for luxury when looking to upgrade your travel experience.

Step 5

A great way to save a ton of money when looking to plan a trip is choosing your vacation during an off-season. Not only will this save you money on flights, it will also make your overall travel experience much better! Off-season calls for fewer tourists, which opens up your chance to experience the city you are visiting and get to live like a local without being swarmed by tourists on your day of sight-seeing, for example.

Step 6

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Travelling is an experience so many people get to take part in every day and you should be one of them! Do not let your budget get in the way of seeing the world and having new experiences. Following these tips and doing your own research will open you up to so many opportunities and chances to save money when travelling in luxury! 

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