5 Easy Ways to Save Money on a Day at the Beach

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Day at the beach or great day outdoors

5 Essential Money Saving Tips for a Day at the Beach or Outside


Summer is all about soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the warm weather while it lasts!


Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or just enjoying a good, old fashioned fun in the sun day, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.


There are plenty of ways you can protect your budget and have an amazing summer. You can even save money on a summer road trip to one of Canada’s best beaches with the right tips and tricks.


Gather your friends, family, or your pets and enjoy an inexpensive day in the great outdoors while summer is still with us. Here’s how you can plan a beautiful day at the beach, in your backyard, or at the park- without making your wallet cry.


Day at the beach or great day outdoors


1. Save on Sunscreen and Bug Spray Ahead of Time


It’s important to keep your skin protected from the elements if you’re going to be outside all day.


However, prices for items like sunscreen, beach towels, and umbrellas are usually much higher in local stores in beach or tourist towns. If you buy them ahead of time, you can save a significant amount of money.


All summer long, Caddle is offering you cash back when you purchase sunscreen or bug spray for your day in the sun. You’ll need both on your day out, so why not make sure you earn some cash back on these essentials?


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Day at the beach or great day outdoors


2. Pack a Lunch


Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or hanging out in a local park, bring your own lunch to avoid spending money on snack bars, convenience stores, or restaurants.


Stick to things that don’t perish easily, like sandwiches, or snacks you don’t need to keep cold. Trail mix, pretzels, and even granola bars are all good options.


Some fresh fruits and veggies are a good option to stash in your cooler to keep you healthy and refreshed during the hot summer days.


Restaurants and snack bars in beach towns also have higher prices because of the tourist market, and this is an easy way to avoid having to break your budget for food.


Picnics are also a fun way to enjoy time with your friends and family. Grab an old blanket, pack a basket with some goodies, and don’t forget the cutlery.


Day at the beach or great day outdoors


3. Take Advantage of Your Freezer


Give your water a little kick by using frozen lemon slices instead of ice cubes. If you already have lemons in your fridge, this won’t cost you a thing.


You could also freeze other types of fruit and use those to cool down your drinks. This is an inexpensive option that gives you a bit of a change from plain water and ice.


In addition, use your freezer for some other money saving hacks. Freeze items ahead of time so they’ll stay colder for longer on the day of your outdoor adventure.


For example, if you’re bringing hot dogs along for the ride, freeze them beforehand so they’ll be thawed by the time you’re ready for them.


Instead of spending money on bags of ice at the store, freeze plastic bottles or jugs of water. Put them in your cooler and they’ll not only keep your stuff cold for longer, but you’ve got your drinking water covered as well when the ice melts.


Day at the beach or great day outdoors


4. Beat the Parking Fees


Many beaches, and even some public parks, can have high parking costs, especially in tourist or beach resort towns. Sometimes you could spend as much as $20 just parking at the beach!


To avoid these fees, carpool with your friends and split the parking fee. Usually it’s paid per vehicle, so there’s no need to take more than one and have to pay more than one fee.


If you’re willing to walk a little bit, try to find a parking spot a couple blocks away that might be free or at least cheaper. The lots closest to the beach are always the most expensive.


Sometimes you can find a side street where you can park for free, but make sure you pay attention to street signs! The last thing you need is to come back from your beach day and find out your car’s been towed.


Day at the beach or great day outdoors


5. Enjoy Some Free Activities


You don’t have to spend money to enjoy a great day outdoors. No matter where you’re going, or who you’re with, there are always some super fun free options to try out.


Here are some fun things to do with friends and family outside. Some of these options are going to give you some pretty huge nostalgia feelings thinking back to your childhood days!


  • Toss a football around or play catch

  • Have a water balloon fight

  • Make a scavenger hunt or find one online

  • Play I-Spy

  • Take a beach or nature walk

  • Play some throwback carnival games, like potato sack races

  • Make your own slip and slide

Some of these activities might require a purchase, like water balloons, but it’s nothing you can’t get for a dollar or two at the dollar store.


Day at the beach or great day outdoors


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