7 Ways to Save on a Gym Membership

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If you’re like majority of the world recovering from the holiday season, hitting the gym may be on the top of your resolution list this year! Getting into a healthy lifestyle and working out doesn’t always have to be a burden to your budget. At Caddle we know our readers are always looking for ways to save some extra cash and stay on top of their expenses. For all of you interested in joining a gym this year but may be wary of the cost, check out 7 of our best ways to save on a gym membership below!

1. Do Your Research

Before you start to workout at the gym of your dreams, look up the best fitness clubs in your area online and search for the gyms that are offering the best deals. Research is important to determine what kind of fitness experience you are looking for… do you want to join a women’s only gym? Are you interested in taking any classes offered or are you going to focus solely on weight training? Browse online before actually setting foot in the gym to ensure you are choosing the right place to meet all of your workout needs.

2. Sign Up for a Trial Run

Make sure to ask for a trial run before committing to a full blown membership. Most gyms will offer you a one week pass to check out the facility. Do your best to take advantage of this and try out a variety of the equipment available to you. Try out some of the classes such as a Spin Cycle class, Zumba or even yoga. Be sure to look closely at the condition of the gym, check out the weight area and cardio machines, pay attention to the state of the locker room, steam room and swimming pool. If you get a chance, a good thing to do is ask other members what they like and dislike about the gym to get a full understanding about the facility!

3. Search for Lower Prices Online

The internet is pretty much good for anything! If you’ve found a really great gym facility that you love but the price is a little bit out of your budget, turn to the web! You may find some deals on fitness websites that offer speciality promotions. You could even try sites like Groupon or Living Social, which usually include offers such as discounts on a monthly membership or free classes offered at a gym facility!

4. Negotiate a Deal

The only way you’re going to get a deal that works best for you is if you ask for it! Once you find the gym you want to join, ask to speak to a manager at the facility as they are more likely to offer you discounted prices or special offers. If you’re looking for a deal on an existing membership, ask to have the initial membership fee waived (especially if you are willing to pay the annual membership fee upfront). To determine the most cost-efficient way to pay for your membership ask to compare payment plans, such as paying monthly or all at once, to determine the best method of payment which works with your schedule and budget. You may also want to ask for have additional amenities to be included in your membership without charge, such as a fitness assessment or a one-time personal training session. To really get the best deal on your gym membership, try asking for price reductions based on the services you are actually using. For example, if the gym offers child care, ask for a rate that doesn’t include this perk if it is not of use to you.

5. Join With a Group

Many fitness clubs are willing to offer reduced prices to people who join as a large group! A great way to take advantage of this is through your employer. Check with HR to see if your company offers discounted deals at specific gyms or groups of colleagues you can join with. Let’s face it, working out alone isn’t always fun… and signing up with some friends can save you money on a membership! Some gyms also offer “household” deals for 2 or more people who live together, so this may be a great option if your family members are on a workout kick as well!

6. Stay on Top of Membership Fees

Once you’ve decided on a gym you want to join and have committed to a membership, it is still important to stay on top of your membership fees and ask if there have been any changes. You still want to be actively looking for discounts or fee changes at the facility you have joined… especially during peak seasons like the holidays or the start of the New Year!

7. Create a Home Gym

If a public gym doesn’t feel right for you, or you’re looking to avoid the costs of a membership all together, you may want to opt for building a home gym! Keep expenses low by having low-on-cost and easy-to-move equipment available to you in your personal workout space. Keeping a yoga mat, free weights, a jump rope and an exercise ball are easy ways to start your home gym off slow and keep both your fitness level and budget in check!

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