Holiday Shopping on a Budget

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For a budget-conscious shopper, the holiday season can feel a bit overwhelming!The most important thing you can do is prepare yourself for this busy time and get your wallet ready for lots of extra spending. However, you do not need to blow your budget this Christmas when shopping for gifts for your family and friends. Follow our advice and tips below to help stay on budget during your holiday shopping!

Figure Out a Budget

The first thing to do when beginning your holiday shopping is figure out a budget and stick to it throughout the season! Spend your money wisely by dividing the total dollar amount by the number of people you are buying presents for. Be sure to plan out exactly how much you will be spending per person before you to get to the mall to eliminate impulse purchases and going over your spending limit! To be extra cautious of your budget this Christmas, include an emergency “overage” section to account for any overspending.

Start Shopping Early

If you are looking to save some money this holiday season, your best bet is to hit the malls in early November. Not only will you be missing the madness of last minute Christmas shoppers, you will also get your hands on some of the hottest and newest sales for the season before anyone else. Your timing when going to the mall is also a factor in getting in on the best sales each store has to offer. Typically, stores will update their sale systems in the evening, so by shopping during the evening hours you may be able to get in on a bunch of sales early!

Choose Cash Instead of Credit

It is no secret that holiday shopping tends to put a dent in your budget. To avoid getting yourself into debt in the New Year, opt to pay cash for anything you are purchasing this season instead of using your credit card. Paying cash is an easy way to track how much money you are actually spending, as you can visibly see your money leaving your wallet. The only time you should exercise your credit card this holiday season, is when special promotions are offered to you, such as cash back options or rewards points. Be sureto pay off anything you do put on your credit card bill as soon as possible to reduce chance of hefty interest fees and keep you debt free in the New Year!

Use Apps to Stay on Track

In the digital age there is an app for everything! Take full advantage of the many apps available to you this Christmas to help you stick to your budget. ‘Santa’s Bag’ is a great app available for IOS users, that will hold your shopping list, track your budget as you spend and even includes a Christmas countdown clock to keep you on schedule. ‘Christmas Gift List’ is an app available for android users to help you manage your spending and keep you on budget during the holidays!

Coupons and Rebates

Every dollar counts this season if you are looking to get through the holidays without blowing your budget! Head to the mall office before you start your shopping to get special coupons and hidden deals in various stores in the mall! Look through flyers and mail-only coupons for new and limited-time deals. This is an easy way to save some bucks during your holiday shopping trips!

Try out Homemade Gifts

Not only are homemade gifts an inexpensive alternative to buying small gifts for your friends, they also add a personal touch which makes your gift even more special and thoughtful! Perfect for bakers, try out some new recipes to give to your friends this holiday season. Nice jars of jam or homemade Christmas cookies, wrapped nicely in with a bow are the perfect gifts for your neighbours or your little one’s school teachers!

There are so many ways to avoid blowing your budget this Christmas season. Download the Caddle app today and visit our website for access to our newest deals, cash back offers and budget tips to help you stay on track during the holidays!

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