How To: Plan a Winter Getaway

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The holiday season is one of the best times to treat yourself and your family to a vacation! Whether you’re looking to relax poolside or are interested in an adventurous ski trip, here at Caddle we know our readers are always looking for a deal! Spending your holidays on a luxurious vacation doesn’t have to break your budget. If you’re thinking about taking a trip this snowy season, check out some of our favourite money saving tips below for the perfect winter getaway! 

Create a Budget

The first thing you need to do is plan out a budget guideline to follow when booking your trip this season! Accommodate for expenses such as hotels, transportation, food and shopping within your budget. The best way to save money is to plan ahead and know where parts of your budget will be spent on your trip. A little tip from us to you is to check out local AirBnBs around your vacation spot to save on extra fees hotel chains typically charge. If you decide to stay in an AirBnB you have the chance to save some cash on food expenses also by choosing a place with a kitchen to make your own meals!

Choose a Location

Once you get your budget in order, it’s time to choose your perfect destination! Depending on your vacation spot of choice, there are various saving tips you can use to help keep your budget on track. If a warm tropical vacation is what you’re after, your best bet is to book your trip in a bundle. There are so many deals available which include the flight, hotel and all-inclusive accommodations for your vacation. This is definitely one of the best ways to keep costs low! You may even find yourself getting a better deal if you book through an agency who will offer all of these amenities at a lower price.

For those of you looking to hit the slopes this season a great way to save on costs is to book at a chalet. Typically they will offer tourists lower prices than booking a room off site. Accommodations such as breakfast, afternoon tea and a nice dinner are usually included in a chalet stay as well, which will help reduce costs spent on meals.  It is also best to bring your own gear to save on renting fees when looking to ski or snowboard during your winter getaway!

No matter where you choose to spend your winter vacation, the best budget conscious decision you can make is deciding to book all inclusive. While this option may seem like a larger cost upfront, once you arrive at your destination you will quickly realize how much money you are actually saving!

Book Your Transportation

If you’re looking to travel overseas this holiday season, break out your smart phones and download travel apps to help you track down flights for the lowest cost. SkyScanner is a great one to use, as it compares flights offered with various airlines to make sure you get the best deal! A great saving tip on flights is to fly into smaller airports in cities nearby your destination. Opt for connecting flights as well, instead of direct to save your budget for activities once your vacation actually begins!


The best part of taking a vacation is getting to relax with your family and friends and take a well- deserved break from your busy schedule! Planning ahead and allocating your money wisely means you will have a stress free time on your vacation. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so take advantage of the Christmas season and get yourself ready to indulge in the perfect getaway!

For all of your saving needs, check out the Caddle website and download our app today to stay updated on all of our Cash Back Rewards and saving tips! 

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