How to Save Money on Back to School: 10 Easy Tips to Keep Your Budget on Track

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How to Save Money on Back to School: 10 Easy Tips to Keep Your Budget on Track


Back to school season is just around the corner, and much as we love watching our kids head out the door on the first day, it can be a stressful time. But if you know how to save money on back to school supplies and clothing, you can breathe a little easier.


Sometimes it’s hard not to let your jaw hit the floor when you see the list of supplies your child needs for the year. It seems like the list gets longer every year!


That’s even before you take into consideration those new fall boots they need and the jeans they outgrew from last year.


At Caddle, we want to make it easy for parents to get back to the grind without constantly worrying about the budget. Here are some easy ways you can save money on back to school so you and your kids can have a stress-free fall season.


1. Take a Look Online


Sometimes you can find some really great back to school deals online. You don’t even need to leave your home to score the best prices these days.


As a bonus, doing your back to school shopping online means you don’t have to deal with the chaos of dragging your kids to the store with you- and running the risk of them wanting everything they don’t need.


Check out this article for some awesome tips on finding the best deals online to maximize your shopping experience- and your savings.

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2. Opt For Less Expensive Clothing Brands


If you stick to generic brands or less expensive companies, you can save a ton of cash on back to school outfits.


Your child isn’t going to notice or care about the difference between a designer brand or a department store outfit. However, your wallet will certainly feel that difference.


If they simply must have a shirt with the newest movie superhero on it, consider using this as a way to teach them the value of money.


Tell them they can only have one splurge item, and ensure they pick it out carefully. That means if they get the shirt, they can’t get the backpack, so they’ll learn how to think about decisions.


If they have an allowance, consider telling them you will pay for some of the cost but they need to use their allowance to cover the rest. That’ll really get them thinking about how badly they want that shirt.


3. Avoid Falling For Trends


Sure, your kid is probably going to really want a new backpack with the latest cartoon character on it, or with the newest designs. But here’s the thing about trends: they don’t last very long.


If you buy them that new backpack they wanted in August, the trend might change by October, and then they won’t even want to wear that one anymore. That update can cost you.


Don’t spend a lot of extra money on something your kid only wants because everyone else has it. Consider what’s going to last a long time and won’t go out of style.


4. Sign up for Newsletters


There’s a reason some of us are willing to sift through a large pileup of store newsletters sent to our inboxes every day. It’s because those newsletters contain some pretty valuable information about upcoming deals, sales, and coupons.


Almost every retail store has a newsletter you can sign up for. This is a great way to be in the loop when it comes to the newest ways to save.


5. Use the Power of Social Media


Following a brand or store on their social media accounts can score you coupons and deals. It’s also a great way to find out about in-store sales because they’re usually announced on all of the company’s platforms.


Sometimes they’ll post a coupon you can show at the store, or you could get a discount for following their account. You can even score exclusive online deals and discount codes.


6. Stick to a List and Use Cash


Planning out everything you need ahead of time can help you avoid those last-minute decisions that can cut into your budget.


Your child’s teacher or school will likely give you a list of supplies they’ll need for the year. They’ve created this list for a reason. Use it.


For clothing, go through closets and drawers and do an inventory of the items that still fit your kids for this season. Then, you can figure out what they actually need and look for that instead of buying on a whim.


Using cash will help you stick to your budget because, instead of swiping away at every store, you’ll be able to visually see what you’re spending.


7. Sell Your Used Clothing


There’s another benefit to doing a back to school closet sweep. You can sell the clothes that don’t fit your kids anymore and earn a little cash to put in the back to school budget.


Go through your own closet, too. This is a great time to search for clothes you haven’t worn in a while and get rid of them.


Check your area for a local consignment store, or a store that buys gently used clothing, like Plato’s Closet. Some of these stores will only take clothing that’s in season, so if you can’t sell it there try selling it online. Try Kijiji and Craigslist to start.


8. Some Items Are Worth Waiting For


No one said you need all of your back to school items ready for the very first day of school.


The prices of fall items and school supplies tend to drop throughout September. Since the beginning of September is still summer, kids likely aren’t going to be wearing their new fall clothes yet anyway.


Chances are your child isn’t going to be using that extensive list of supplies all within the first week of school, so if you can sneak by until the prices drop you won’t regret it.


Purchase only what they actually need that first week of school, or see what you can scrape together from your desk drawers at home.


9. Check The Weekly Flyers


The weekly flyer is a great place to look for the best prices before you set out on your shopping trip. This helps you get an idea of where you can go to get the best deal and what stores are worth the trip.


You can also choose stores that price match, so you’ll pay the flyer price wherever you go. Bonus if you find deals for groceries and school supplies that you can use all in one place!


10. Use Caddle For Cash Back Rebates on Every Day Items


Whether you’re buying groceries for school lunches or browsing the office supply store, there is always a way to earn with Caddle. Even if you’re standing in line at the checkout, you could still be earning quick cash.


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