How To: Save Money on Your Fall Cleaning

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Despite your protests, it’s inevitable: summer is (almost) over. As you begin to prepare your nests for a season of hibernation, you might start to notice some extra dust and clutter that’s accumulated while you were busy soaking up rays around the pool. While spring cleaning is an important part of many pre-summer household rituals, a little bit of fall cleaning can help to declutter home, and mind, while stuck indoors through the winter. Whether it’s winterizing the deck and packing up the patio furniture, cleaning out the fridge, preparing the eavestroughs, or catching up on gardening and yard work before it gets cold, careful maintenance of your house can cost quite a bit. Follow these 10 tips below to cut your costs, not your cleaning power. 

1. Clear the Clutter


Do a thorough sweep of the house to clear out some of the clutter that may have concentrated over the past few months. Think about the utility of the things that you have at home. If they’ve run the course of usefulness, start planning to part ways. If you think someone might still find a use for your gently loved stuff, considering donating to a second-hand store, or, have a garage sale!

2. Switch to reusable cloths and mops

While this may not be the most convenient cleaning technique, reusable cloths and mops do present a great money saving opportunity. Microfibre cloths can be used to clean, scrub, and dust over and over again, and a good reusable mop head can last you a long time when cared for properly. Save even more money by recycling old t-shirts and repurposing them as cleaning rags.    
3. Store Your Cleaning Supplies Properly

Ensuring that your cleaning supplies are stored properly can save you money and time. Make sure lids on cleaning products are tightly closed to prevent wasteful and messy spillage, and store reusable mop heads, brushes, and cloths so they can dry out properly. Making sure that your cleaning supplies are safely stored also keeps children and pets safe from potentially harmful chemicals.

4. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies


You might already have a lot of the ingredients needed to make your own cleaning supplies at home. Vinegar is a great all purpose cleaner (perfect for the kitchen), while baking soda in water works as a gentle abrasive cleaner to break up dirt and mold in tile grout. Check out this great list for more awesome DIY-cleaning product ideas.


No, it’s not the name of your local AM Talk Radio Station, KYCSS – Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Simple – is a reminder that while every room in your house potentially has a dozen different specialized cleaning products, sometimes a great multi-purpose cleaner is all you need. Save your money for those particularly tricky cleaning projects that really DO need a specialized treatment. 

6. “I only buy brand name bleach”

Wait, what? If that sounds ridiculous to you, you just might be a Super Saver. Bleach is bleach. The same goes for a whole host of other cleaning products. Go for the store brand and save yourself a few bucks at the checkout line. 

7. Think about hiring some help

According to the findings of a recent study, you actually CAN buy happiness. Well, sort of. Researchers found that hiring someone to do household chores frees us up our time for other more enjoyable things, leading to an increase in overall psychological happiness. While hiring someone to clean your house may seem like a luxurious or frivolous expense, the report showed that even spending $40 dollars to have someone help out in the house can lead to increased levels of happiness. As they say, health is wealth, and a small invest me in your emotional health can go a long way. 

8. Make the Switch to Fluorescent Light Bulbs


As the days get shorter, relying on natural sunlight to illuminate your home might become a little more difficult. Making the switch from old school incandescent bulbs to fancy new fluorescent bulbs can really be a great little cost saving exercise. Although the fluorescent bulbs cost a little bit more upfront they last approximately 10 times longer and provide more light while using almost 2/3 less energy. These little savings opportunities can really add up over a year of energy bills. 

9. Buy in Bulk

Household cleaning supplies last pretty much forever. Large quantities of things like garbage bags, dish soap, and window cleaners are always going to be needed around the house, and buying in bulk is a great way to stock up on these essentials. The great thing about buying in bulk is that you save money AND time.

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