How to Throw the Best Canada Day Party Ever

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Canada Day party planning ideas

9 Ways to Make Your Canada Day Party Easy on Your Wallet


Canada 150 celebrations have been taking place across the country throughout the year, but the big day is coming up soon. It’s time to get festive and start planning your own Canada Day party!


Our beautiful country is home to many different cultures, and there’s so much to celebrate. If you’re planning on hosting a gathering, sometimes the pressure can be on.


This is a big birthday for our nation, but the Canada 150 doesn’t mean you have to go out and blow your budget. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or just having a casual get together, you can still leave a lasting impression for less.


Nothing says “happy birthday, Canada” quite like celebrating with some typical Canadian foods and decorations. These DIY decor and recipe ideas will make your party a rockin’ occasion without a rock star price tag.


1. Cool Down With These Maple Leaf Popsicles


These maple leaf popsicles take quite a bit of prep time because they have to be frozen in batches, but they are easy and only require 4 ingredients.


In fact, you probably already have some of these ingredients in your kitchen, and it’s a refreshing dessert for a hot Canadian summer day.


Canada Day party planning ideas.


2. Make a Festive Centerpiece With Recycled Jars


Take some glass jars, washed of course, and fill them halfway with red and white items. This could be anything, from red M&Ms to sprinkles or painted rocks.


Then, nestle a candle on top of the filling for a nice little centerpiece. It doesn’t have to be a real candle if you don’t want the flame- you could easily use one of the battery operated ones as well.


3. Put Together Timbit Kebabs


Nothing says true Canadian more than some delicious treats from Tim Hortons. Timbits are loved by Canadians everywhere, and they are pretty inexpensive.


Grab a couple boxes of Timbits and then string them on skewers in pairs.


You can display them nicely in a jar or vase on the table, and guests can help themselves. It’s like a Canadian cake pop!


Canada Day party planning ideas.


4. Add Some Flare With Red and White Pinwheels


Pinwheels, those little wind spinners many people put in their garden, make great decorations when you’re in a pinch or on a budget.


You could go ahead and buy some at the dollar store, but these crafts are super easy to make. Here are some instructions to follow.


Use red and white paper, or even maple leaf patterned paper, to keep it festive. Display them in a bucket or recycled container for a fun, easy decor trick.


If you’re hosting an outdoor barbecue, you could even ditch the bucket and stick them in your garden or the grass.


5. Canadian Bacon BLTs


If you’re not hosting a barbecue, or even if you are and you want some extra options, BLTs with Canadian bacon are the way to go. Extra points if you cook the bacon on the grill!


Canadian bacon is the term other countries use to refer to it, but here it’s just known as peameal or back bacon.


The BLT is a signature, beloved sandwich across the country, and using back bacon makes it extra patriotic… and more delicious. To make it easier, you could even serve back bacon on a bun for a tasty sandwich alternative.


Canada Day party planning ideas.


6. Build a Tin Can Windsock


This tin can windsock craft is super festive and you can hang it inside or outside. It’s also child-friendly, so if you’ve got a child, niece or nephew, sibling, or friend’s child, you can get them in on it.


Hang it from a tree branch, a lantern hook, or even in your kitchen so your guests can catch the Canadian spirit.


7. When in Doubt, Use a Maple Leaf Cookie Cutter


You can turn many foods into a Canadian treat just by cutting them into the shape of a maple leaf. Whether it’s cookies, sandwiches, or even fruit, this is an inexpensive way to stay festive. You can find a cookie cutter in the Canada Day supplies section of the dollar store.


A maple leaf cookie cutter can also be used to create some cool, inexpensive decor. Get creative with it- trace maple leaves on red paper and string them up, or use it to paint maple leaves on various items.


Canada Day party planning ideas.


8. More Canadian Recipes to Try


Canadian foods are as diverse as each province in the country. From coast to coast, there are tons of unique and staple food items that make a pretty great spread.


Here’s a list of some classic Canadian dishes and recipes to give you some more ideas for menu planning:



  • Poutine

  • A cheese plate with Canadian cheeses (like Oka and cheddar)

  • Beavertails

  • Montreal smoked meat

  • Tourtiere  

  • Anything made with maple syrup

  • Smoked salmon

  • Ketchup chips (they’re exclusive to Canada)

  • Nanaimo bars

  • Montreal style bagels

  • Butter tarts

Don’t forget to serve caesars! This is a classic Canadian drink that was invented in Alberta, and isn’t very common in the rest of the world.


9. Lastly, Don’t Forget the Canadian Flag!


Another item you’ll be able to find at the dollar store, no Canada Day party is complete without a Canadian flag!


Hang it anywhere you like for a real iconic celebration. You can even use it as a tablecloth to set out your food.


Canada Day party planning ideas.


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