Quick and Easy-to-Make Snacks

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Are you looking for some last-minute snacks for yourself or your group of friends you invited over? If you’re like us here at Caddle, you might be looking for a wide variety of snacks that will appeal to your friends, on a budget! Any host knows it’s important to serve snacks that will satisfy the cravings of all of your friends, health fanatics and chip junkies all alike! Let us help you out with last minute snack ideas that will leave you satisfied, won’t break the bank and will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face. Check out our favorite snacks below!

Home-Made Potato Wedges

What a treat! These wedges are quick, easy and can be made from things usually found in your kitchen! The best part is that wedges can be made to satisfy a healthy meal or a craving. Wedges also go great with most sauces you have stuffed in the back of your fridge. If you want our favorite recipe click here.

Frozen Grapes

Breakup with eating regular grapes and start eating them frozen! Okay, I know you might be a bit werided out but hear us out. Frozen grapes provide loads of Vitamin K and will satisfy anyone who needs something to crunch on. In addition, you can sprinkle these guys with some sugar or even dip them in wine! (It also makes a great conversation starter, find the recipe here).

Crackers with Chocolate Spread and Bananas

With 6g of fiber and 4 g of protein, these quick and easy snacks will surely leave you or your friends satisfied. You get the best of both-worlds, chocolate and fruit! Use Nutella or any chocolate spread. We recommend using non-salted crackers but the choice is really yours to make.

Greek Salad Skewers

Quick! Yours friends are on their way for your weekly wine night and you forget to pick up some humus dip, what do you do? Well, you make these awesome and healthy Greek salad skewers that will definitely pair great with white wine. The recipe calls for cucumber, cheese, olives and tomatoes and can be made in a heartbeat. Click here for the best recipe.


That’s right, veggies. Grab some carrots, celery and cucumbers and a great dipping sauce to pair with it. Not only is this snack healthy, it is filling, simple and easy on the wallet.

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