Ready for St. Paddy's? Here's How to Throw the Perfect Irish Celebration

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How to Throw the Perfect Irish Celebration for St. Patrick’s Day… Without Breaking Your Budget


St. Patrick’s Day is coming up next week! And it’s on a Friday this year, so it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate.


But sticking to a budget when it comes to these occasions can be hard.


At Caddle, we want to help Canadians stay on track with their finances but have fun at the same time. After all, this is a time to celebrate green, not go into the red!


Hosting your own party is much more budget friendly than going to the bars and spending money on cover charges and overpriced green beer. If you do it at your own place, you’ll also be able to avoid taxi fare.


Here is everything you need to know to host the perfect Irish celebration without breaking the bank.



Keep the Decorations Budget-Friendly


Get all of your decorations from the dollar store. You want to have some fun decorations, but keep in mind that you’re only using them for this day.


If your friends are coming over, ask them if they have any old decorations they might have used last year. Some of us tend to keep decorations in our closets, and St. Patrick’s Day items never change. Sharing is caring, after all.


You can also check out some free printables from the Internet. Some websites offer them, and all you have to do is print them at home. No spending necessary, as long as you have paper.



Nail Down Your Attire


There’s a very important rule on St. Patrick’s Day: if you’re caught not wearing green, you get pinched.


And as the host, it’s your job to set the precedent for everyone’s festive attire. Being pinched isn’t fun, either.


But don’t worry about running out and buying new clothes or accessories. Anything green that you can find in your closet will work.


If you don’t have anything green, ask a friend or family member to borrow something for the day. There’s no sense in buying green clothing when you don’t wear green in the first place.



Get the Soundtrack Right


There is nothing worse than attending a holiday themed party and hearing generic music that isn’t relevant to the occasion. Make sure you’ve got some good Irish tunes ready on your playlist to keep your guests in the festive mood.


Here is just a sample of some Celtic and folk bands that should be on your playlist:

  • The Pogues

  • The Dubliners

  • Great Big Sea

  • The Dropkick Murphys

  • Flogging Molly

  • The Chieftains

  • The Irish Rovers


When in doubt, check Spotify or YouTube for some pre-made playlists you can use. There are always user-made options available so you don’t have to spend time picking out songs.



Make Some Classic Irish Snacks


Instead of spending money on pizza or other take-out menu options, whip up your own Irish-themed party snacks.


Got some time and cooking skills on your hand? Try making some shepherd’s pie, Irish beef stew, or corned beef sandwiches. Guinness, the staple of the Irish liquid diet, can be used for many recipes, including Guinness cupcakes.


Want something a little easier and quicker? Potatoes are a staple in Ireland, so whip up some potato dishes. Try twice baked potatoes, wedges, or potato skins.


When in doubt, just add some green food colouring to some appetizers or finger foods.



Don’t Forget the Green Beer!


If there’s one thing that you can’t leave out, it’s the green beer. That’s a classic St. Patrick’s Day staple, and your guests will be looking forward to it.


Luckily, all you need is some green food colouring. As your guests arrive, top up their drinks with some green food colouring, and make sure you have clear cups on hand so everyone can see it.


This works best with lighter coloured beers, so if someone is getting into the spirit and drinking Guinness, the green won’t show up as well.



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