Throw a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

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So it’s that time of the year again, where football fans unite and gather to watch the biggest game all season! If you’re less into the sport and more into the fun side of Super Bowl weekend, you may be thinking about hosting a viewing party for some of your family and close friends! Hosting duties can get quite pricey and may put you off to having a bash at your home… but cost shouldn’t limit your party throwing abilities! Check out our money-saving tips below to throwing the best Super Bowl Party this year, on a budget!

The Food

No doubt one of the most important aspects of hosting a viewing party is what you will be serving to your guests. Most of the time may automatically think pizza and wings, but ordering food is what will eat up most of your budget. Instead, turn to delicious finger-foods and easy-to-make snacks that will offer your guests a large variety and keep them feeling filled throughout the game. Keep costs low by opting to make all of your own dishes (or at least most of them). A steaming plate of nachos and baked chicken strips are both filling meals that can be shared with everyone at your party! Opt for making your own dip for chips and nachos too to keep your meals homemade and light. You may even want to keep it classic and whip up a pot of chilli to share with your family and friends.

Pro Tip: Start off the party with half of the food you’ve made then re-fill with more, halfway through the game for your guests to dig into!

The Drinks

Hosting a party doesn’t mean you need to spend all of your budget supplying alcohol for your guests… but you should have some handy to start off the celebrations! Your best bet is to make a spiked punch using a champagne base—no matter who wins, you are celebrating together with your friends! You may even opt for making jungle juice with all of your guests! Of course, it is important to have refreshing drinks on hand too… sparkling water and pop is perfect for a viewing party! ‘The Drinks’ part of hosting your party should not cut too much into your budget, but you should definitely be prepared to serve your friends something when they arrive!

The Décor

If you’re looking to keep your party on theme you may want to spruce up your living room with DIY decorations! If you’re feeling festive, opt for football cups! They are sooo easy to make and are the perfect touch to your party. You can set up a ‘water station’ for your guests to fill up their cups and stay hydrated throughout the game. Making your own concession stand is another fun idea to consider when setting up your home for your Super Bowl viewing party!

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