Too Much Turkey? How to Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Whether you were cooking for a family of four or cooking for every branch, twig, and leaf of your Family Tree, let’s face it; you’ve likely overcooked (in quantity, we know you nailed the perfect turkey this year)! Good news though, that’s (potentially) a savvy Super Saver move!

Recognize this scene? Belly now stuffed with mash and gravy, and a sink full of dishes you’re trying your best to avoid, you’ve been thinking about all those potential leftovers! Or have you? Do you know the value of a strategic leftover plan? What do you throw out and what do you keep? Where do you put all this turkey? Why did you cook a meal that was big enough to feed an entire university? If these questions usually haunt your turkey-induced-post-dinner nap don’t worry, because we got you covered!



The first step to ensuring you can make the most of all those leftover is to freeze! Make sure you’ve got all the necessary equipment to properly store your leftovers. Investing in freezer bags and freezer-ready containers can save your leftovers from dreaded freezer burn and waste. If you’re planning to gobble up your leftovers in the next few days you can refrigerate, but anything more than a few days needs to be stashed in the freezer!


Super Sides

Look at all that mash! Mash potatoes can be a great side to almost any meal, and leftover mashed potatoes can be repurposed for a bunch of other delicious meal options like potato pancakes or potato croquets! Potatoes are great for quick use in the fridge, but can also be stored in a freezer. Check out some other awesome leftover mashed potato recipes here.

Other noteworthy Thanksgiving sides that make great leftovers? Cranberry Sauce! Cranberry sauce always seems to be the easiest to toss after dinner. Waste not, want not though. Ammiright? So, what’s the solution? Cranberry sauce can be used in a deliciously tart and tasty parfait. Not your forte? Pair with apple slices and make a cobbler! Looking for something a little simpler? Heat up and pour on that dessert sundae you have been craving!


Take Stock

What about a delicious DIY stock? Instead of going to the store and buying a generic stock, why don’t you get one last use of that oversized bird in your oven and make a delicious homemade stock that can be frozen for later! That’s some solid planning. A delicious stock doesn’t need to be complicated either. All you need is a large part, the remnants of your turkey, some key root vegetables, and some time. For those of you who “cook by the book,” this recipe from Canadian Living is top notch!


Sharing is Caring

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for family. Put together some post-Thanksgiving care packages by lend out some of those old Tupperware containers and give each family member something of their choosing. This is a great way to make use of your leftovers and a great way to share the savings with those you love.

Remember, Super Savers stick together!



Turkeys, turkeys, and more turkeys

There are (literally) hundreds of turkey recipes online that range from breakfast to dinner. Make some morning turkey breakfast sandwiches, pulled turkey sandwiches, turkey-topped cobb salad…seriously…hundreds. Leftover turkey can also be a great alternative to any dish that calls for chicken!


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