Treat Yourself With Some DIY Halloween Costume Tricks

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With the Halloween season fast approaching, the daunting costs that come with making sure your little ghouls are dressed in the perfect costume can feel more like a trick than a treat, but finding the right Halloween costume doesn’t need to blow your budget! To save some cash this Halloween, your best bet is to turn to DIY designs. You don’t need to be a seamstress or Hollywood level special effects artist to create the perfect look for your little one… not only will a DIY costume help you stay on budget this Halloween, it will also give your child a memorable night with an outfit made by you! Check out our favourite DIY looks below:


Baby Bunch of Grapes

The perfect costume for your sweet little ones! All you need to create this look is a bag of purple balloons, an all-white outfit and fake leaves to wear as a headband to finish off the costume! The great thing about this outfit is you can use as many layers as needed, depending on the weather, so your little one is both cute and warm! (Picture via courtklein_)



Jellyfish Baby

If you want to think out of the box, try creating an easy and cheap costume that will make your child stand out! The jellyfish outfit is simple—supplies include an umbrella (any colour), pink and gold streamers and a glue gun. Attach the streamers to the umbrella to create the jellyfish’s tentacles. A plain one-colour dress (or onesie) will go perfectly with the costume and complete the look! BONUS: To add some extra flair to this costume, get some glow-in-the-dark paint and drizzle it down the sides of the umbrella! (Picture via Today's Parent)


Smallest Scuba Diver

A costume suited for a child who loves the water! Grab two empty pop bottles which can be painted and attached to shoulder straps for your little ones to wear like oxygen tanks. A black jumpsuit and pair of goggles are all that is needed to finish off this adorable scuba diver look. (Picture via delineateyourdwelling)




Baby Elf On The Shelf

Mix your holiday spirit by including the perfect take on a classic children’s toy. All that is needed to transform your baby into the infamous elf on the shelf is a white and red onesie and an elf hat-- simple, easy, and kind to your budget. (Picture via thatdadblog).

PS. Make sure you check out the rest of the ADORABLE pictures on his blog!



The great thing about children is that they are going to look adorable no matter what they are dressed in. Take some time this Halloween to include your own personal touch to your child’s outfit by creating a budget-friendly DIY costume!

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