Your Long Weekend Staycation Guide: How to Make the Best of Your Budget

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long weekend staycation

9 Tips For an Awesome and Affordable Long Weekend Staycation


Don’t have the budget to take a road trip for the long weekend? No problem. You can have a long weekend staycation instead!


It’s easy to have tons of fun in your own backyard.


Spend this long weekend doing fun things at home, and you’ll forget you even wanted to go on a vacation in the first place. Whether you choose to explore your city or host a gathering in your backyard, there are tons of ways you can enjoy your time.


It’s time for your long weekend staycation to begin!


1. Unplug and Unwind


The point of a long weekend staycation is to pretend you’re on a vacation… just at home. So take time to yourself by turning off your phone, putting your laptop away, or ditching the tablet.


It’s important to do this every so often to make sure your brain gets a break so you can stay productive at school or work. Take time to enjoy the weekend for what it is- a few days off to relax.


You don’t need to fly thousands of kilometres away just to relax and de-stress. The world won’t stop if you don’t check your email for a few days.



2. Pamper Yourself


Give yourself a spa day at home. Whether you want time to yourself or you want to have a spa day with your friends, you can recreate the experience of a retreat right in your own bathroom.


Get some scented candles going, run an epsom salt bath, or bring in an essential oil diffuser to create a calming vibe. Mix a pitcher of cucumber water and find a Spotify playlist with relaxing spa sounds to play in the background.


Here are some ideas for DIY facial masks you can create with all natural, household ingredients. Whip these up and give your skin a treat.



3. Camp in Your Own Backyard


Who says you need to go anywhere to go camping? Save money on gas and campground fees by pitching a tent in your own backyard.


Borrow a tent from a friend or family member so you don’t need to pay for one.


If you do have a little bit of budget to spend, go camping somewhere close to home, like a local campground. By borrowing equipment and going in a group, you can save money camping and enjoy a mini getaway.



4. Spend Time in the Great Outdoors


Check out your area’s local hiking or walking trails. If you live near a lake, take a picnic by the water or spend a day at the beach.


Visit a nearby city to explore their hiking trails if you’re feeling a bit of a change. These trails are free and give you a great workout.


If you’ve got a bike, take a nice bike ride. Don’t have a bike? You can rent or borrow one, or you can try another option, like rollerblading.


The best part is that if you spend the day outside, you can definitely reward yourself with a trip to the ice cream shop!



5. Explore Your City


There are plenty of free things to do in your city if you do a little bit of research. Some local museums offer free entry, or entry for a small donation. You probably also have some local tourist attractions that don’t cost a lot to visit, like monuments or forts.


Explore the history of where you live. You’ll probably be surprised at how much there is to learn.



6. Check For Deals or Discounts on Local Activities


Websites like Groupon offer deals on all kinds of things, like discounts on admission to local attractions or coupons for sightseeing packages. Get a deal for a brewery tour, a local zoo, or other activities.


You can also get coupons and deals for local restaurants as well. Use this opportunity to try some places you’ve never been before, and maybe never would try otherwise.



7. Have a Potluck Barbecue


Potlucks are a great way for everyone to get together and indulge in some yummy food without breaking the bank. Have your guests bring something to contribute to the barbecue, whether it’s meat or a side dish.


If each person contributes one thing, it’s a low cost for everyone and you end up with enough food to keep everyone full. Make sure you plan ahead and organize who brings what dish so that you don’t end up with a ton of the same thing.


Learn to master the grill with these essential grilling tips, and your guests will be blown away with your delicious food.



8. Use Coupons and Check Flyers for Your Groceries


Feeding your guests, or yourself, over the long weekend doesn’t need to be expensive.


Check your local flyers for this week’s deals and savings on items for your long weekend dinners. You can also check online to find coupons you can print out and bring to the grocery store.


This week, Caddle is offering cash back offers on oranges, frozen pizza, and butter. When you purchase any of these items from any grocery store in Canada, just upload your receipt to get cash back!



9. Choose a Theme


If you really want to go on a tropical vacation, bring the vacation to you. Have people over and decorate your place with the theme of your choice.


Play themed music, choose a corresponding menu, and own it!


Even if you aren’t having company over, you can throw your own little staycation theme.


For example, if you wanted to go to New York City, have a movie marathon with movies set in the Big Apple. Include themed snacks, like New York-style cheesecake, pretzels, Brooklyn-style pizza, or bagels.



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