Save Big on Clothes and Makeup Without Breaking the Budget

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7 Ways to Save on Clothing and Makeup


Have you ever found yourself staring at the beauty counter, rent cheque in your wallet, staring longingly at an expensive eyeshadow palette and enduring a moral dilemma?


Put the eyeshadow down and back away slowly. You have other options!


We all have our go-to clothing and beauty essentials, whether it’s your favourite shirt or your signature lipstick shade. But sometimes the cost of clothing, makeup, and accessories can add up.


You can still look great without spending your grocery money on your wardrobe.


Here are some essential tips you can use to save big on your favourite clothing and makeup products without sacrificing style.



1. Ask For it as a Gift


Is your birthday coming up? What about any holidays or occasions?


Consider asking for that shirt you’ve been eyeing as a gift. Ask for gift cards you can use towards makeup for holidays so you can still pick out what you want.


This way, people won’t be stuck on what to get you, and you don’t have to use your own money to pay for clothes or makeup.



2. Opt for Less Expensive Brands


Beauty can be done on a budget! The drugstore can be a treasure chest of beauty products for shoppers in every price range. You can find some really good brands there for less than you’d spend at big name, expensive makeup retailers. They do the job just the same, and for the most part no one will even notice the difference.


Consider doing this for your clothing as well. Shop around for the items you’re looking for, because chances are you can find almost the exact same thing in a less expensive store.



3. Sign up for Newsletters


Most clothing and makeup retailers have newsletters you can sign up for that usually send you coupons or notify you of sales or deals going on in the store. Wait until you get those deals and then do your shopping.


Some retailers will also send you coupons or freebies on your birthday if you’re on their mailing list, so you definitely want to take advantage of that, too.



4. Salvage Broken Items


Just because your compact is cracked or broken doesn’t mean you need to throw the makeup away. All you have to do is find another container to put it in and there will be no wasting necessary.


The same goes for your clothes. Just because your zipper is broken doesn’t mean you can’t wear your sweater anymore. A quick Internet search can show you tons of ways to fix your zipper at home, repair holes, or sew something back together.



5. Shop With Cash to Stay on Budget


The best way to save money without sacrificing everything is to set yourself a budget for the week, month, or year and stick to it. This way, you’ll never be caught by surprise.


If your budget allows you to purchase some new clothing or makeup, bring cash and only bring the amount you budgeted for. This way, you won’t get distracted by shiny new things and you’ll stick to the money you intended to spend.



6. Buy Second Hand


Buying someone else’s used clothing isn’t exactly ideal for a lot of people, but you’d be surprised how many gems you can find in those thrift shop clothing racks. You can usually get designer clothing for cheap prices, and a lot of it barely looks worn.


If you have some clothing you’re willing to part with, go to a consignment store and sell of some of your pieces. Some stores offer cash, while others offer store credit, so you can exchange for some new things.



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