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Drive Trial

Drive product or service trial based on 100% pay-for-performance.  Cut down your hard costs and remove the need for prints and clips.  We’ll provide measurable sales results, with real-time insights and analytics through mid and post-campaign reports.

Caddle captures full demographic data on all its users, including Age, Gender, Location and more.


Consumer Insights

Answers when you need them, via a personal focus group.  Caddle offers real-time consumer polling through paid surveys.  Find and educate new customers through videos, facts, quizzes to create true brand engagement.  Whatever your target market, Caddle can help you create your own personal consumer panel. 


A/B Testing

Also known as split testing, this feature provides marketers the opportunity to test two versions of their ads to determine which one will perform better in the marketplace.  Similar concept to a focus group but at less than 20% the cost and time commitment.

Caddle A/B testing enables marketers to get quick insights to make difficult decisions with sound data and results.

Feature short videos, convey seasonal messaging, ask users to vote on preferences and much more.


Custom Campaigns

From idea conception all the way to promotional messaging, you can reach your target consumer for feedback along the way. Caddle can be your swiss army knife as a marketing partner. 

Whatever your marketing objective or challenge, Caddle can help you find solutions and hit targets. 


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